About ‘the Human Side’

My name is Steve Schwartz, and I am a rabbi serving a large congregation on the east coast of the United States.  The ‘human side of the coin’ is a phrase that has been enormously helpful to me over the years as I have thought about matters of faith, from God to prayer to the power of a faith community.  The Bible often pushes us to look at things from God’s perspective – God initiates, challenges, reveals, punishes, etc.  I prefer to think of things from the human side of the equation.  God we can never really know.  Ourselves?  Well, we have a chance…

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This blog is in part made possible by a generous gift from the Herbert Bearman Foundation.

One thought

  1. Recall also, from “The Wizard of Oz,” “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” He probably will look like Mike Pence.

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